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Airpark database open for all

The Living With Your Plane directory of airparks is now open to all visitors. A recent data verification mailing produced a great many updated. If you see any out-of-date data on your airpark, please email Ben Sclair (and be as specific as you can). Thanks, and happy browsing.

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  1. Forest Hill Airpark (3F5) Says:

    Thank you for making this available to all viewers.
    Some changes that could be made to my database are:
    1- Building Restrictions—–Yes
    2- Year opened—–1996
    3- Use Type——Public
    Thank You,
    Richard L.Lyon

  2. Ben Sclair Says:

    Thank you Richard. Changes have been noted and updated in our database. Cheers. Ben

  3. Steve Aughinbaugh Says:


    Can you change the contact information for Hidden Valley Airpark (5TX0) to the following:

    Hidden Valley Airpark

    Airpark Address:
    99 Hidden Valley Airpark, Shady Shores, TX 76208 USA
    See Map


    We have had a link to the Living with your Plane site on our site for many years and appreciate your efforts. The new contact information is more generic and simply sends people to out contact page. You can see on the page that JR and I are on the board of directors and you can call either one of us of you want to confirm the change. Thanks.

    Cheers, Steve

  4. Ben Sclair Says:

    Hello Steve,

    I’ve updated the content, as best I can. There are some limits to the database, but I appreciate you getting me new information.

    Kind regards,


    Ben Sclair, Publisher

    General Aviation News –
    Living With Your Plane –

    p_800-426-8538 || f_858-712-1960 || c_253-312-1804

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