Airparks on Public Airports

There are at least 29 residential airparks on public airports.

The following 29 airparks are located on public-owned airports. If your airpark is on a public use airport and you have access to the runway with a thru-the-fence agreement or other arrangement, please let us know.

  • Pine Mt Lake, Groveland, CA
  • Hyampom Airport, Hyampom, CA
  • Rosamond Skypark, Rosamond, CA
  • Fuller Town, Sacramento, CA
  • Cameron Park, Shingle Springs, CA
  • Trinity Center, Trinity Center, CA
  • Yucca Valley Airport, Yucca Valley, CA
  • Erie Air Park, Erie, CO
  • Glenwood Springs Airpark, Glenwood Springs, CO
  • Buchan Field, Englewood, FL
  • Buckingham Airpark, Ft Myers, FL
  • Eagles Landing, Winter Haven, FL
  • Marathon Key Airpark, Marathon, FL
  • Tarpine Airpark, Panacea, FL
  • Lake Village Airport, Lake Village, IN
  • LeDoux’s Landing, Eunice, LA
  • Lost Creek Airport, Luzerne, MI
  • Attala County Airport, Kosciusko, MS
  • Ferndale Airport, Big Fork, MT
  • Millard Field, Omaha, NE
  • Keystone Airpark, Westport, OK
  • Tenkiller Airpark, Cookson, OK
  • Independence Airpark, Independence, OR
  • Lake Billy Chinook Airport, Culver, OR
  • Sunny Hill Airpark, North Bend, OR
  • Huggins Memorial, Timmonsville, SC
  • Swanson Airport, Eatonville, WA
  • Municipal Airport, Lynden, WA
  • 4 Seasons Aero Estates, Adams, WI


  1. Jeff Gorss

    I recently inquired about setting up a “through the fence” agreement with a publicly owned airport. The city employee/airport liason I spoke with sounded negative about the idea and said the state aviation agency “discourages” the concept.

    From the list above, it can obviously be done, but…. Could it be done in those same places today?

    I haven’t made contact with anyone in the state agency yet, but I could use some encouragement and would like to hear about the experience of others.

  2. Jack Dugan

    Can anyone explain why the FAA is against residences or through-the-fence operations for public owned airports? I have tried to propose this kind of development for Bowers Field and was told “no” by the FAA.

  3. Jack Horn

    Erie, CO-48V
    We are in the process of amending our through the fence fees. The FAA does not like these ops as the FAA feels it gives an unfair advantage over the on-field businesses that they compete with. Try this site

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