A. Mohave Sun Valley Property Owners Association Inc. has been established for membership of each lot owner. It is a non-profit association and serves as a council of co-owners. The association will have title to the common elements of Track 4043-A which include the roadway easements, taxiways and other areas not dedicated to the general public. The association will establish the rules and regulations regarding assessments, safety and security.

B. The airfield, Parcel A in Track 4043-A, is dedicated (in Trust) for the benefit of the property owners and Mohave Sun Valley Inc.

C. Assessments will be used for the health, welfare, and safety of the owners, the maintenance and care of the common elements. The initial assessment is $10.00 per month. An additional assessment of $20.00 per month will be levied when a property owner brings his/her aircraft to the airport. In addition, special assessments may be levied for capital improvements but only by a 2/3 majority vote of members. County property taxes on common elements will be equally shared by the property owners.

D. Mohave Valley Air Ranches will be the operator of Sun Valley Airport and will enforce airport rules and regulations and can deny the use of the airport if owner is in default by not paying use fee is negligent or who fails to maintain required insurance of 100,000/500,000 liability and 100,000 property damage.

E. The homeowners association will form an architecture committee. Plans of any structure to be expected shall be submitted to the committee with a $10.00 fee for review in regard to the CC&R’s.

F. General Use restrictions

1. Single Family residential lots R-O (homes only)

2. No business, commercial operations or multi-family dwellings.

3. Complete within 12 months (after start of construction).

4. New construction only. 1300 sq. ft. minimum living area.

5. Hangars facing street shall conform to design of home.

6. Hangars in rear of residential lots may be metal construction.

7. Buildings on Antelope Road may be up to 25 feet high and restricted to 15 feet high on taxiway.

8. Trash, tools, etc. to be stored to be concealed from view/no trash burning.

9. No fences or shrubs higher than 2 feet within 20 foot set back from property line. Fences allowed up to 6 feet to property line except for street setbacks.

10. Mohave County P&Z ordinances apply.

11. No animals, livestock or poultry be bred or raised although personal pets (dogs & cats) are allowed if fenced or leashed at all times.

12. No billboards or advertising or offensive activities.

13. Boats, trailers and RV’s shall not be stored or permanently parked in front yard set backs or side yard set backs adjacent to street and taxiways.

14. Hangars shall be no larger than 2,500 sq. ft.

G. Homeowners Association will obtain Comprehensive Public Liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000.00 incident to the ownership or use of the common elements. The association will also obtain Fidelity insurance.

H. MOHAVE SUN VALLEY INC. may expand the property presently known as Tract 4043 with additional lots/tracks and owners who will automatically become members of the Association.

The above is a brief summary of the CC&Rs as originally written.  For more complete and up to date information, please contact

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  1. Fredrik Wulvik

    Hi There, we are interested in sun valley. Are hanger homes allowed(classy ones of course). Also! What are monthly dues. Does the dues include water and septic? Thanks in advance!

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