Home exchange program for pilots

Hi Dave,

I have seen postings on your web site that inquire about homes available for vacations on airparks or near airports.  If you feel it would be a benefit to your subscribers please direct folks to www.pilothomeexchange.com <http://www.pilothomeexchange.com> .

This web site promotes membership into a home exchange program with over 10,000 homes available for exchange around the world.  The web site is still evolving and will list homes that are on airparks or owned by pilots in the near future.  In the interim a pilot with a home on or near an airport can communicate with other property owners and determine the proximity of the home to an airport.  Many times a home exchange will include a courtesy car.

I just thought this might be interesting information for your subscribers.

Happy Holidays,
Rich Jones
Las Vegas, NV   

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  1. Lawrence OKeefe

    We are presently moving to Los Angeles, about 3 minurtes from Santa Monica airport, I currently have an RV7A Hangared in Pittsburgh, Pa, so I am sort of betwix and between situations. But we are interested in a home exchange
    type deal, as we have been avid exchangers on Homelink International and have done about 10 to 12 exchanges, both domestically and Internationaly.
    Thanks Larry and Nancy OKeefe

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