Wanted: Partners / investors interested in developing future airparks

There are many thriving airpark communities in the United States and now the trend is even growing internationally. With increased security hassles at major airports in combination with more people coming to aviation through the Sport Pilot License and VLJs, the benefits of access to private aircraft travel abound.

Track home developments and master planned communities dot the suburban landscape with cookie cutter replication and seemingly unrestrained reproduction. It’s obvious people are looking for an accessible sense of belonging, variety and meaning in their living space and neighborhoods these days. The airpark lifestyle represents freedom, an active lifestyle and adventure – things I see more people are gravitating towards and would like to be a part of.

Maybe like me, you’ve had a desire to develop one near you to live in,
but don’t have the resources – financially or time wise – to do so on
your own. Maybe like me, it requires meeting a like-minded group of
partnering capital investors and developers to move ahead with what you
see (and we see) as a feasible aviation and active lifestyle community
to be built.

Well, let’s put our heads together and see what can come out of good
‘ol American desire and ingenuity! The urban jungle is only growing
while precious wide-open spaces for airstrips and airparks are being
slowly edged out. It’s time to recover and preserve the heritage and
adventure of flight and make it a more accessible and worthwhile
investment and place to live. Let’s talk about build and sell an
airpark together.

That is kind of what I’m imagining: a think tank of like-minded
individuals to discuss pooling their resources and sweat-equity into
building and selling an airpark.

If you’ve got some interest or ideas, please add your comment with an e-mail address or phone so I can contact you.

Anthony Longobardo


  1. Creighton King

    I am just begining an airpark in Utah. Feel free to contact me.

  2. Phil Calder

    I would be interested in an AIR Park investment near or around the Orlando Fl. area

  3. Neil Emory

    We have 80 acres we want to develop into an airpark. Located in CA desert east of San Diego.
    Adjacent to private asphalt airstrip, Emory Ranch, Ocotillo, Ca, 0CA6 (LA sectional). Plans to extend length to 4000′.
    Seeking developer partner.

  4. We are an independent group from Costa Rica interested in finding investors for developing an airpark here in Costa Rica on a nice 200 aprox acre area just 5 minutes from MRLB airport.
    We are located in the hottest Costa Rica developed area, close to four seasons resort and golf course,future mandarin oriental, future Steve Case project, future best papagayo Gulf developement.

  5. Wassalam Aleikun Gentleman.
    I came across your investment offer about airpark communities and please my intention is to collaborate with you in funding this investment and I wish to use this medium to notify you about my interest. I am Hon Sulaiman A.K Al-Muhaidib, CEO of Almuhaidib & Sons Group of Company in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Upon your acceptance of my offer I will arrange for a business meeting between both parties for sealing off of this business transaction through a face to face business meeting which will involve signing of an MOU, Contract agreement and fund transfer. Our place of meeting will be Abu Dhabi UAE or Central London UK.

    Your flight expenses, Hotel reservation will be catered for by refunding you upon your arrival and conclusion of this business meeting and so I look forward to your reply alongside with your terms for my investment with you and also include the % percentage of the Annual ROI (Return On Investment) which you will be willing to offer me to enable me have a good understanding about this project.


    Hon Sulaiman A.K Almuhaidib.

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