Airparks in Idaho

As always, we welcome your comments and ideas and of course, if your residential airpark isn’t listed or if you have information about other fly-in communities in the state for which we’re reporting, or any other state, please email me.

Residential airparks in Idaho are the subject of this article. All of the residential airparks in the state are listed as privately-owned. Eight of the fly-in communities are listed as private use only but five of them are open to the public, according to the information provided by the airpark representatives. The Idaho fly-in communities range in from as few as five residential lots to a high of 78 lots. Two claimed lots in the teens, two airparks listed lots in the 20s, one was 30 lots and three reported 44 to 48 lots. The second largest project reported 60 homesites.

None of the fly-in communities indicated individual home lots were less than an acre each.

Seven airparks indicated a runway length of between 2,000 and 3,000 feet. Three others were between 3,000 and 4,000 feet long and one was reported 4,000 to 5,000 feet. A single airpark claimed a runway in excess of 5,000 feet among the 13 in Idaho.

The surface was evenly divided between paved and unpaved: six reported paved while seven were unpaved.

Not too surprising, the area around Lake Coeur d’Alene attracted a number of the fly-in community projects. Here’s the list of airparks in the Living With Your Plane directory together with the community in which it is located:

  • Flying Elk – Kamiah
  • Greenleaf Air ranch – Greenleaf
  • Hackney Airpark – Athol
  • Lava Hot Springs – Lava Hot Springs
  • Oasis Private Airpark – Oasis
  • Olmstead Sky Ranch – Sandpoint
  • Pisch’s Place – Coeur d’Alene
  • Red Baron Estates – Oasis
  • Selkirk Mountain Airport – Sandpoint
  • Silverwing @ Sandpoint – Sandpoint
  • Silverwood Theme Park – Athol
  • Sunrise Skypark – Melba
  • Treeport – Spirit Lake

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I have yet to view an airpark link that is “filled with extensive airpark data”. I’ve looked at both Georgia and Florida. There is no information available to me that isn’t available to a non-subscriber and there is no info other than a photo from google maps and maybe an address. No airport data or anything of use to pilots. I’ve blown 20 bucks for less than this but I’m hoping that I paid for something more than what I see now. If I need to be educated on how to use the website please set me straight. Thanks. Jack Knudson

If you want to really serve your clients (subscribers) you need to go to work and find out about stuff and post it. Most people who retire want their $ to go as far as possible. We all need to know what’s going out of pocket when the clan moves to an airpark … stuff like real estate taxes, property taxes, state taxes on investments, state taxes on fuel for airplanes/cars. I’ve tried to find some of this stuff and it’s not easily done. For some reason the state and local fathers don’t want it published or easily found. Maybe there could be someone at each airpark who would do this collecting of data for you and you can just publish it in your GA News. We just need more info.
Many thanks … Jerry Grimmonpre

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