One stop closer for Nary-based airpark

A 14-lot airpark is one step closer to reality at 5C3 in Minnesota.

Is an airpark in the works in Moses Lake, WA?

A 100-lot airpark is one of a few options to Moses Lake city leaders are considering for the city-owned airport.

Class E Airspace coming to Falmouth, MA

Controlled airspace is necessary for IFR operations in the area.

Alaska couple lives a pilot’s dream at hangar home in Palmer 

Andrew is a lucky man. His wife, Carri Ann, is the family pilot. She earned her wings about seven years ago.

Is your airpark data up-to-date?

Don’t delay. Make sure your airpark data is up-to-date in the FAA database.

Auction at 8TN2

A home on 26+ acres at Tennessee’s Pleasant Grove Airpark (8TN2) will be auctioned, online, beginning Nov. 8 and closing Nov. 18 at 11 am CT.

AOPA: Newlyweds Tie The Know at Fly-In Wedding

Thaxton arrived in style in his family’s polished Cessna 170. The bride, Georgia, arrived at the ceremony site in a 1930s Chevrolet truck.

News: Tenkiller Airpark enthusiasts say pandemic meant uptick in traffic

From the Tahlequah Daily Press at Tenkiller Airpark in Oklahoma: Over the course of the pandemic, [Tom] Haning [owner of T3 Aerosports] said, the airpark itself didn’t take a hit, as far as less traffic. However, T3 Aerosports saw more people interested in learning how to fly. T3 also operates a two-bedroom Airbnb listing in…

News: Planning board rejects rezoning near N.C. airpark

The Rowan County (North Carolina) Planning Board voted 5-2 against a “conditional district rezoning request” that is required as one of many steps in the development of a 574-acre solar farm. “Since the Planning Board is only an advisory committee, the ultimate decision on whether the project moves forward lies with the Board of Commissioners.”…

News: Planning Board considers controversial Gold Hill solar project

SALISBURY — The Rowan County Planning Board’s meeting extended late into the night Monday as it heard speeches and presentations about a major solar energy project planned in Gold Hill. – Salisbury Post Nearby residents, including those at Gold Hill Airpark, oppose the propose 550+ acre solar energy facility. Click here to read the Salisbury…

Telegraph story highlights higher end of airpark lifestyle

A few weeks ago Precious Adesina from The Telegraph of London interviewed me for an upcoming feature on the lifestyle of high-end airparks. While I grew up on an airpark, I don’t think anyone would classify Shady Acres as high-end. But I have wonderful memories all the same. We had a nice conversation over Zoom.…

New road signage at Horseshoe Bay

The reports that, “Air Park Street in Horseshoe Bay is a taxiway for planes, but because it is not properly marked, cars have been using it, too. That will change now that the Horseshoe Bay City Council voted to put up proper signage and build a $6,000 gate blocking Stall Out Street where it…

Solar project near airpark raises concerns

“This just isn’t what we want in our backyard.”

Oklahoma’s Tenkiller Airpark rebuilds

Heavily damaged airpark is once again ready for the spotlight.

Massey Ranch breaks ground on new homes

The Orlando Business Journal reports (subscription required) that Massey Properties has broken ground on 13 homes at X50 just south of New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Learn more at Massey Properties.