Appraiser seeks info on sales of airparks

A real estate appraiser asks for information on the sale of an airpark – runway, taxiways, hangars, etc., but not the individual residential properties related to the airport.

He writes that “I am hoping you might be able to provide some leads on where I can find sales of airparks. My normal sources for real estate sales do not do well with this special kind of property. If you could help identify airparks that have sold I can do the research to uncover the details I need.”

The individual also asks for resources that discuss the business of running an airpark.

If you know of an airpark that has sold in the last few years, the information will be helpful in setting a fair market value for the property he is trying to appraise.

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I had read in AOPA Pilot magazine in May 2009 issue page 63 titled -Wings Field this was the first and now only airport country club and birth place of AOPA. It had been sold in 1994 for 10 million $. I’m sure the right person can figure out the worth in today’s dollars plus it is an informative article with an added option to run an airpark + airclub.

On another note. I read your article about residential airparks and how you have been researching for 30 years. Are there any airparks in Massachusetts or New Hampshire? Or do you know of developers that are in this area who could put one or even better several together? I want one in my area.

There are several airparks in New Hampshire and at least one listed in our directory for Massachusetts.

I don’t know any developers but I know the individual trying to establish an airpark in Maine might be interested in working with you. Click on the Maine tab to find that airpark and the others in New England.

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