Interested in a regional association of fly-in communities?

Ever thought about forming an association of residential airparks or fly-in communities in your area? Are there enough fly-in communities within a county or a couple counties to make it worth the effort?

Banding together to work on common problems like zoning, noise, unhappy neighbors or other issues could work in your favor. If nothing more, you get additional individuals involved in trying to come up with ideas to enhance the fly-in community / residential airpark environment and lifestyle.

There are several airpark operations on Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula that are considering organizing a regional association of fly-in communities or residential airparks for several reasons.

On offense, it might be a way to share promotion of airpark living in the region generally, supporting property values, etc. On defense, it might be a way to rally support (mutual aid) in case of airport opposition issues, etc.

If you’ve had any experience in this arena or if you are interested in learning more about the idea, share your thoughts and comments. If there’s sufficient interest, LWYP will be willing to help get airparks / fly-in community representatives together.