Longtime insurance agent comments on issue

Chuck Wenk, a second-generation aviation insurance broker, told us recently that liability coverage for residential airparks and individual homes is readily available from a wide variety of companies. How the property is managed becomes the major key in getting the coverage and the rate required.

Located in Highland Park, IL, Wenk said his company was started by his father and today includes his own offspring, thus making it a 3-generational insurance agency providing a full range of coverage. He claimed his firm, Wenk Aviation Insurance, is the oldest aviation insurance firm in the country. The firm is licensed to sell insurance in every state except Hawaii and Alaska, he added.

Most residential airparks are securing liability coverage of $1 million although he has written policies as high as $10 million. Wenk reported that there is no “average” figure for liability coverage. “Every situation is different,” he explained. “Does the airpark sell fuel, is there a maintenance facility, are the homes fenced from the runway, can kids get to the airplanes, etc., are all questions that the insurance underwriter wants to have answered,” Wenk added. He said the premium for the insurance coverage depends on the answers.

“We’ve written $1 million liability policies for as low as $850 and as high as $21,000,” he stated.

You can reach Went Aviation Insurance at 1-800-225-WENK.

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Bear in mind that most “name brand” companies will actually exclude aviation liability from homeowner’s policies. Make sure you know what you have and that it is appropriate for your home, especially!

I’ve recently purchased a 2400 x 100 foot runway in a residential neighborhood and am organizing a runway association to purchase and operate it.

One issue that keeps some neighbors away is that we’ve not had much luck obtaining any sort of airport liability insurance. We have received one quote for $7K annually for a $1M liability policy. This will be split between about 5 users, so is pretty steep. This is as much as another local airport pays, one with 500 aircraft (commercial and private). Doesn’t seem fair.

I’ve called all the major insurers I could find before realizing I’m supposed to use a broker. Now I have a broker, but still cannot find a rate lower than $7000.

Does anyone have any suggestions what I can do, or where I can look further?


how much should be the insurance for a hangar with apartment on an airpark in Texas (restriced use)?
Who would be your recommended underwriters?

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