Share your airpark home with us

Are you proud of your airpark home? Send us some pictures that we can share on Living With Your Plane. Why?

  1. It gives other folks ideas on things that can be done to make an airpark home as inviting and pleasant as possible.
  2. Your photos encourage others to make the move to live in a fly-in community.
  3. You get to brag a little.

Email your photos with some or all of the information below to

  1. square footage
  2. type construction
  3. age of home
  4. what you did to make it better, more livable, etc.
  5. other

Be sure to include:

  1. your airpark’s name and city
  2. how long you’ve lived there
  3. how many homes on the airpark
  4. things you particularly like about this lifestyle

We’ll post the information and photos as we receive them.