Vacation rentals on fly-in communities sought

    We’ve had several inquiries over the years from people looking for vacation rental properties located on a residential airpark. Since there are a number of fly-in communities located adjacent to lakes, golf courses, mountains, etc., we think there probably are some B&B facilities or lodges associated with the airpark properties.
    If you have such a place or are aware of any, please lete us know with a comment so the information can be shared with others.
    Of course, if you have such a place a classified ad in GANews would probably get you some extra business, too.


  1. Thomas F. Moran

    I have a home on Pine Shadows Airpark in North Fort Myers, Florida. It has been on the market (ad in Trade-a-Plane & sign on lawn)since April 2007 but there has been little buyer activity. We hadn’t thought of renting, but if buyer interest doesn’t pick up soon, we would consider it. Pine Shadows is a great place, in existence since 1982 with a 3200′ runway, very close to everything on Flordida’s west coast and only an hour and a half by Skylane to the Bahamas. House and big hangar, a/c, Direct TV, pool, spa, 2 cars in the garage. Just subscribed to GA News with their free come-on offer and will be placing an ad there, too. & 603-673-5555 by land line.

  2. Carol Schrecengost

    I recently ran across a B&B attached to an airpark in Crawford Texas (99v). The name of the B&B is The French Country Inn and their website address is: We haven’t stayed there but it looks nice. Another fly-inn B&B we discovered is the Cassel Grove Homestead Inn in Nebraska City, NE. We had reservations to stay there on our way to Oshkosh this past year, but had to cancel when we had an engine failure in our RV6-A over Hoxie, Kansas and had to put down in a hurry. They were extremely accomodating (both are GA pilots) and waived their cancellation fee. We plan to try it again next year. Their website can be found at: We are always looking for new places and will post them when we run across anything that looks interesting.

  3. The Greenleaf Air Ranch is considering making available rental homes and/or possibly time-shares if anyone is interested in building for this purpose.

  4. Please consider a home exchange option. Go to for details. for a 99.00 membership fee you can have access to over 10,000 homes around the world that will exchange homes with you. The home exchange is a great option to consider. The web site is evolving so that homes owned by pilots that are located in airparks will have a special listing. But, in the interim you will be able to communicate with home owners and find homes that are near or on airports. Just a thought. Good Luck!

  5. I have a home located in the Spruce Creek Fly-In community in Port Orange, Florida (just outside Daytona and New Smyrna Beach.

    My husband is a pilot, and I am a realtor with a background in public relations. We’d love to host you here, where we know you will LOVE the Fly-In and the activities in Florida!

  6. Rustic River Lodge.

    Chiloquin Airport. Chiloquin Oregon

    Near Crater Lake

  7. We have an airbnb home located on a grass strip and right next to one of Minnesota’s largest wineries and very close to Bluff Country and the Mayo Clinic. Search for The Conway House at Caldbeck Field in Spring Valley, Minnesota.

  8. Steve Orten

    We have a home listed on airbnb and vrbo that is located in the North Dallas/Plano area. Close to shopping, restaurants, and all the activities of Dallas. The runway is 3100 feet long at Dallas Airpark (F69). The home is 3 bedroom, 2.5 baths with hangar or tie-down. Willow Bend Mall and many restaurants are within walking distance.

    You may contact me directly or reserve the home through Airbnb or VRBO.

    Best wishes,

    Steve O.

  9. We have a 2,200 sq. ft. cabin rental located in a fly in community in Blue Ridge, GA. It sleeps six. Please view our website for more details and photos.

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