Want to help start an airpark near Atlanta?

Interested in getting involved on the ground level of creating a residential airpark?

Shaun Johnson (shaun@r266.com) is interested in getting a project started in the Atlanta, GA. Area and he’s looking for people who are willing to join with him and others to begin coming up with ideas for the project.

Here’s a chance to work on getting a residential airpark started the way you think it should be done. Contact Johnson to get more details.

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I am an AirTran Capt. and have a C-185 that stays in a friend’s hangar in Eagles Landing in Williamson (near Griffin). I also am a developer. What part of town are you thinking of trying to do an airpark? Right now there is a fairly new development in Williamson at Peach State. It is an extemely nice set up, but too far out in the middle of nowhere for us. It is selling very slowly.

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My wife and I looked very closely at buying a lot in an airpark in Atlanta as she is a pilot based there now and I commute back and forth. We looked at almost every airpark in the ATL region. The Peach State development is extremely nice, but yes a little far, though no more than any others. Unfortunately, not every lot is right on the runway. Kudos to Ron Alexander in the development of it though. Whispering Pines is very nice and a little closer to the corporate end of things which was a major consideration for us. A little more lot space would be nice. Also, some of these parks are overly restrictive in the HOA and CCR’s. I would love to help develop a park in the ATL area, let’s keep in contact.

I’ve even made a Google map of all the strips and airparks I could find in the region. Please use it for your convenience.

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