We are looking for airpark pictures

The August 30 issue of General Aviation News will focus on Airparks. As part of this section, we’d like to showcase aerial photos of airparks from around the country. Do you have any images of your airpark from above? If so, email them to Ben Sclair by August 7. Be sure to include a complete description of the image and your airpark.

7 replies on “We are looking for airpark pictures”

great idea ben,
will get photo and info off to you right away…
hope you don’t mind if i send two… one of the arizona airpark we live in during the winter and one of the alaska airpark we live in during the summer

i guess you can call us “bi-polar” thanks…m

We have an airpark which has 45 lots total. There are 21 still available. This builder and developer has done a great job in putting together this airpark. City water and sewer so that is not a worry. Just a beautiful airpark

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