Approach aids

I was reading the airpark article in the August 20, “Flyer”. I have lived on an airport for about fourteen years – the past seven at Spruce Creek Fly-In. It’s interesting to see how many new projects have recently into being.

The article lists “approach aids” which I assume to be various things such as some sort of VASI systems, lights, beacons, etc. but not necessarily FAA approved instrument approach procedure. Is this correct?

Might you have any data on how many instrument approaches are approved for residential airpark communities?

Apparently several of the airparks surrounding Chicago have had approaches approved. We just got a GPS approach approved for Spruce Creek (old 44J but now 7FL6) but have not yet activated it.

This is not something that few, if any, airparks would want to have made known to the public if they have them.

Typically, for liability purposes and because of the often non-standard facilities associated with an airpark, only qualified residents are authorized to use the approaches. The approach plates aren’t made public and residents must be personally briefed before using. Also, the FAA wants a record of pilots who have been issued the approach plates (which are numbered) in order to issue revisions — at least that appears to be the requirements we will have to meet.

Since only people authorized to make the approach need to know they exist, when you ask the question, you might want to state that it’s only for an indication of the total number and type of approaches that have been approved to-date and not to publish information for a particular airpark.

Unless of course they would wish to have that info included as additional info in their listing.

Thank you,

Ronald K. Vickrey American Bonanza Society director — past president

You are correct in assuming that the approach aids varies greatly. I have no idea as to approved instrument approaches but if I was to make a guess I would say the number was extremely low. I’ll be happy to include a question about that in my next which will go into the mail later in September.

Dave Sclair