Want to build your own airport?

Back in October 2020 General Aviation News published an article by William Walker on what it takes to build your own airport. Of the more than 19,000 airports listed in the U.S., more than 14,000 are privately owned. While you may not want to build your own airport, you may be interested in better caring…

Want an arrival route for your airpark?

Could you use an assist with arrival procedures?

Letter: Looking for affordable runway lighting

We hope there are other small airport experiences of developing airport/runway lighting and approach path indicators that may guide us in a more affordable plan.

Wanted: Data regarding private instrument approach

Does your privately owned, privately used airport have an instrument approach?

Troy Airpark complete runway rebuild

Located on 125-acre site, the airpark has 35 homesites and boasts a dozen homes already, with two more scheduled next year. Baldwin noted that there are 18 hangars on site with homes expected to follow in the future. The airpark was opened in 1996.

Writer seeks info on chip-sealing gravel runway

We have property on a gravel airstrip. The Board of Directors wants to chip seal the runway. Where can I find out about the strength, cost, endurance, upkeep problems, affect of temperature and any problems with chip seal?

Spring’s coming … airparks need work!

Far too often maintenance and normal upkeep is put on the back burner during the winter months. That’s especially true in areas where the property gets buried in snow or other inclement weather. With that time situation, flying is often down and the net result is that problems with the runway and taxiway are missed.

Airparks in Illinois

Illinois’ 18 airparks include four that opened in the 1960s and 1970s. The oldest of the group saw its first operations in 1966 with another one in 1969.

Q&A: Runway legal/tax issues

The runway in our fly-in community isn’t a separate legal entity or tax parcel. The lots on either side of the runway go to the center of the runway and each lot owner’s deed provides an easement across their private property for the runway.

Airparks info: California

California lays claim to 35 fly-in communities ranging in size from four lots to a reported 2,000 (Rancho Tehama).

Info on Airparks in Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut & Delaware

The first of the seven airparks in Arkansas opened in 1962, according to the Living With Your Plane database. It was Valley Airpark at Cotter. Five of the listed developments have lots of an acre or more and the largest project has a total of 72 lots. A couple others have 40 or 45 lots and the others are 30 lots or less.

Info on airparks in Arizona

We list 25 open airparks in Arizona and one under construction. The oldest listed airpark in Arizona was opened in 1958 – Moreton Airpark located at Wickenburg, AZ. However, six more claim to have started operations in the 1970s. Since the turn of the century, six more fly-in communities have opened for business.

Got turf? Study breaks ground on maintaining turf runway

Turf runways account for 60% of all the runways in the U.S. with many, of course, being on airparks. Nationwide, they account for 44,165 acres of land.

Hangar restrictions vary widely by local official

Recently a subscriber asked about the limitations on hangars in his community, particularly those larger than 2,000 square feet.

How safe are joint use taxiways?

Making roads and taxiways accessible for both planes and road vehicles is a question that frequently comes up. Is it safe? is obviously the most common question. Will it work on airparks of all sizes? What kind of planes operate out of airparks with joint use of roads and taxiways?