Are homeowner fees enough to meet all costs?

After we posted a survey of homeowner fees at airparks, a request came in from Gary Hamilton in Southern Idaho for additional information. He suggested we ask for more information to help enlighten residents of airparks further regarding the cost of living at various locations around the country.

He wrote:

“I live at Sunrise Skypark in Southern Idaho. After reading your recent article titled How Much do you pay? I have questions.

First, you mentioned that 75 percent of respondents said that their assessments were under $100 per month. I would like to know more. How much under were they? Did they average $50 a month, $60 a month or what.

“You also mentioned ‘built on’ percentages regarding homes constructed. These figures seemed low to me. Many airparks that I am aware of have constructed homes figures in the vicinity of 50 percent  and more.

“”I would like to suggest a follow on article or topic to the one you have already done. It would be something like ‘Are you paying enough?’

“Using the previous article as a reference, if 75 percent of associations are charging significantly less than $100 a month, are they collecting enough to maintain and improve their airpark? Where does the majority of their money go? Taxes, maintenance, etc.?”

Well,  Hamilton’s questions and comments certainly have merit.

What is the homeowner fee at the airpark where you live?

How much of the fee is for taxes, insurance and other regular expenses.

How much goes into a maintenance fund, either long or short term?

You can help by providing your comments.