Interesting statistic on taxes

Taxes on a piece of real estate – home, airpark, etc., nationwide averaged around 1% of the property’s assessed value.

Hangar door maintenance info offered

During EAA AirVenture, several home / hangar owners asked about the proper maintenance on their hangar door. Since they weren’t the original owner of the structure, they couldn’t find printed material on what they should or shouldn’t do to make sure their doors worked – or continued to work – properly.

FAA threatening airports with TTF pacts

Each year I am surprised by the number of people I speak with at flyins who comment on the idea of living on an airport in a residential community. Frequently a male says he thinks the idea is great “but I can’t get my wife to even think about it.”

Soil advice?

Has anyone ever tried to change the soil texture before?

Airpark amenities

I am building the Pontiac Airpark with a clubhouse, gym, sauna, pool, spa, tennis court, marina, golf holes. I would like to know if most of the airpark offer amenities like this. Thank you.

Values up from initial sales, in Sweden

We have a magnificent airpark in Sweden where all 45 plots were sold in the time of six months. Now there are a few plots for sale (40 000 USD for a plot that fits hangar and house!) and that is even above the prices they were sold for initially.

Sample Thru the Fence agreement sought

What we need some help on is a thru the fence agreement between one of the property owners and the HOA.

Interesting data in real estate survey

Over the years we’ve found that the general aviation industry usually went into recession a little later than other businesses and took longer to recover.

Results from airpark buying & selling survey

The end result is that it appears we received information on about 35 to 40 transactions.

Airparks info: Georgia

Georgia counts 27 airparks with three of them currently in planning or under construction. The earliest state facility, Pinewood Airpark, opened in 1967 at Douglasville, GA.

Information about Airparks by state

The Living With Your Plane Directory of Residential Airparks lists nine Alaska facilities. As you might expect for airparks in our most northern state, seven of the nine airparks report their home lots are more than one acre. Only two indicated they have home lots of less than an acre.

Survey Results: Problems at Airparks – Part 3

For this final report we’ll provide responses to our questions about non-aviation folks buying airpark lots, enforcement of architectural rules, allowing junk to accumulate on lots and commercial operations from residential airparks.

Survey Results: Problems at Airparks – Part 2

Meeting attendance, noise complaints, and non-resident touch-and-goes.

Survey results: problems at airparks

Violating airpark rules, animals, assessments, and bikes/motorccyles.

Liability insurance survey results

First, 77.3% of the respondents said their fly-in community did have liability insurance and the most popular level of coverage was $1 – $2.5 million.