Are you a professional? Your help is needed!

Are you an attorney? Or perhaps a real estate appraiser? How about a firefighter or fire department official? Are you knowledgeable in growing grass or highway construction?

These are some of the categories of specialists or experts for whom we’ve had inquiries in the last few months.

On our website is a directory of aviation professionals. Included are the following categories: appraiser, architect, attorney, engineer, hangar door manufacturer, insurance, mortgage banker, planning consultants, real estate sales, airpark development, weather service.

That’s a pretty fair list but often the need for an expert is, for example, on the East Coast and the only specialist we have listed happens to be on the West Coast. That’s why we need to find additional experts in specific fields in all parts of the country.

We provide the listings as a service to subscribers so there is no charge to be included. Obviously, if someone contacts an attorney or architect, etc. there probably will be a fee involved if some services are provided.

With only about 480 airparks listed and not a whole lot more than that in existence around the country, residential airparks are still rather unique facilities that require specialized information. A lawyer who also happens to fly or be well acquainted with aviation is far more likely to be able to help someone than Joe Attorney who doesn’t know a J-3 Cub from a Boeing 747.

So, if you are a professional and know something about airplanes and airports, we need information about you so we can add you to our list of professionals.

Here’s the information you should send us:

Your name, firm name, address, e-mail address, phone and fax.

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