No airpark is too small for directory

An airpark is an airport with 2 or more homesites!Continue readingNo airpark is too small for directory

Hangar door maintenance info offered

During EAA AirVenture, several home / hangar owners asked about the proper maintenance on their hangar door. Since they weren’t the original owner of the structure, they couldn’t find printed material on what they should or shouldn’t do to make sure their doors worked – or continued to work – properly.Continue readingHangar door maintenance info offered

Whiteplains Plantation seeing hike in activity

During the past 6-8 months we have averaged about one inquiry per month, and have been visited by several families who have toured our fly-in community neighborhood.Continue readingWhiteplains Plantation seeing hike in activity

Do you have website?

If your airpark has a website and it isn’t included in our extensive list of airparks, please email us the website information for your fly-in community so we can add it to our database.Continue readingDo you have website?

Bank offers lots adjoining New Jersey airport

A plan to develop a 19-lot development adjacent to the privately-owned Sky Manor Airport at Pittstown, New Jersey, has hit a bumpy road and the property has been turned over to the primary lender, Metuchen Savings Bank.Continue readingBank offers lots adjoining New Jersey airport

Spring’s coming … airparks need work!

Far too often maintenance and normal upkeep is put on the back burner during the winter months. That’s especially true in areas where the property gets buried in snow or other inclement weather. With that time situation, flying is often down and the net result is that problems with the runway and taxiway are missed.Continue readingSpring’s coming … airparks need work!

Airparks info: Georgia

Georgia counts 27 airparks with three of them currently in planning or under construction. The earliest state facility, Pinewood Airpark, opened in 1967 at Douglasville, GA.Continue readingAirparks info: Georgia

Sun ’n Fun forums had good participation

At least two or three new airpark plans were revealed during the seminars and we’re added them to our listings of airports under construction or in the planning phase. Some of those in the list probably will actually be open during 2007.Continue readingSun ’n Fun forums had good participation

Know of airpark at Part 139 airport

I’m curious if anyone knows of any private residential airpark developments which are adjacent to a public “Part 139 certificated” airport (meaning one that has scheduled airline service.Continue readingKnow of airpark at Part 139 airport

Are you a professional? Your help is needed!

Are you an attorney? Or perhaps a real estate appraiser? How about a firefighter or fire department official? Are you knowledgeable in growing grass or highway construction?Continue readingAre you a professional? Your help is needed!