Emergency Use of Airpark

One of the best ways some airparks have found to be considered a good community citizens has been to offer use of the airpark to local police and medical authorities.

Frequently a medical evacuation needs to be accomplished but the closest public airport is miles away. If the police, fire department of medical services were aware of your residential airpark they might find it much more convenient and efficient to use it for an emergency.

Contacting these agencies with information about the airpark and offering the facilities for such situations can show you’re interested in helping the entire community and it also shows what an asset your airpark is for not just the residents.

In reality, the number of times any agency will actually take advantage of your offer to use the field for emergency activities will probably be extremely low. However, you gain the goodwill of the agency and the public by just making the offer.

And, renew the offer, preferably in writing, annually. Remember, public agency officials and departments change personnel regularly and things easily fall through the crack. When you make the offer, do it in person and bring along a written offer as well as a drawing or map of the airpark and area you suggest such operations be carried out.

Providing an airpark contact name, phone and e-mail address is helpful, too.

Have you done this in the past? Have agencies taken you up on the offer?

Please share information with your fellow residential airpark residents. You can include your name and address if you want or simply include the state in which you reside.