Enforcing the CC&Rs

One of the major issues that continually comes up in discussions about residential airparks is how a homeowners association or an airpark developer enforces the covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs) that have been established.

The violations of the CC&Rs can be extremely minor or they can be dramatic.
For example, if the CC&Rs require setbacks and someone builds a structure without abiding by these requirements, does the homeowners association make the person tear the structure down?

How about the CC&Rs that forbid low passes and someone insists on performing them?

Another issue that seems to pop up all the time is how to collect an assessment that has been levied by the association from those who refuse to pay?

There are lots of additional issues that people ask us about at every forum we present. How are issues of CC&Rs violations handled at your airpark?

Please share information with your fellow residential airpark residents. You can include your name and address if you want or simply include the state in which you reside.