FAA releases rTTF policy interpretation

The FAA on Friday released it interpretation of its residential through-the-fence (rTTF) policy. AOPA’s Government Advocacy website has more details and background.

The policy applies only to FAA-funded airports with rTTF access. It does not apply to privately-owned, non-obligated airports with rTTF access.

One reply on “FAA releases rTTF policy interpretation”

Perhaps we erred after world war II when there was much enthusiasm for flying
and we settled down an let gov’t build airports thinking that would suffice.

If we had encouraged every little community to build there own private strip for the community we might have come through with very friendly, small strips that encouraged people to fly and have fun.

Instead we took over military bases, which are too large, had strings attached, cost too much to maintain, and what we have not are hostile places for flying with security gates, sterile environments, regulated fuel, repair, etc.

My advice, if we want flying to increase, be more fun, etc, get busy building little strips that encourage families to fly.
I am sure there is nothing rocket science invlved in my little strip that has many more aircraft than the public in my town. Lets get on the ball and build at least one in every community. There are many would be pilots in every crowd.

Ray Sessions, Ph.D
Cannon Creek Airport
Lake City , Fla32025
386 984 0283

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