Property Tax Considerations

If you are considering making a move to an airpark in another state, property taxes should be on your radar. A recent story from WalletHub…Continue readingProperty Tax Considerations

Is your airpark data up-to-date?

Don’t delay. Make sure your airpark data is up-to-date in the FAA database.Continue readingIs your airpark data up-to-date?

Texas airpark wins appeal in court battle

The Dallas Morning News recently reported that Collin County-based Air Park Estates, at Air Park-Dallas Airport (F69) shut down an attempt to turn the airpark over to a real estate developer.Continue readingTexas airpark wins appeal in court battle

Question about fuel tanks on the property

“I have three tanks in my back yard. When I purchased the new home in 2002, I was told that the tanks in the yard were for my personal use.”Continue readingQuestion about fuel tanks on the property

AIN: “FAA Outlines Residential Through-the-fence Policy”

FAA has issued a final policy statement that permits general aviation airports to enter into residential through-the-fence (RTTF) agreements…Continue readingAIN: “FAA Outlines Residential Through-the-fence Policy”

Two ‘Neighborhood Watch’ examples

Bottom line, Neighborhood Watch seems to be a good program and I highly recommend it.Continue readingTwo ‘Neighborhood Watch’ examples

Anyone using ‘Neighborhood Watch’?

Our air park is in a rural community in Colorado and we are considering signing up for a neighborhood watch type program sponsored by the local county sheriff.Continue readingAnyone using ‘Neighborhood Watch’?

FAA extends rTTF comment period

The comment period on the FAA’s “Policy Regarding Access to Airports from Residential Property” (rTTF) has been extended to September 14, 2012.Continue readingFAA extends rTTF comment period

FAA releases rTTF policy interpretation

The policy applies only to FAA-funded airports with rTTF access. It does not apply to privately-owned, non-obligated airports with rTTF access.Continue readingFAA releases rTTF policy interpretation

Recreational Use Statute follow-up

RAF has been working for the last several years to encourage local state volunteers and pilot associations to revise each state’s recreational use statute to include operation of aircraft.Continue readingRecreational Use Statute follow-up

Airpark insurance… is it required?

“I’ve been told that insurance for an airpark is not required. Is this correct?”Continue readingAirpark insurance… is it required?

Residential Through The Fence Protection in FAA Reauthorization Bill

Sam Graves (R-MO) led the charge for Residential Through The Fence access in the FAA funding bill.Continue readingResidential Through The Fence Protection in FAA Reauthorization Bill

Can’t see the forest for the trees

General Aviation News blogger Jamie Beckett (Politics for Pilots) points out we still have some work to do as he relates sitting through a recent…Continue readingCan’t see the forest for the trees

Question: Landholder limited liability, really?

Idaho has enacted a statute Recreational Trespass – Landholder Liability Limited.Continue readingQuestion: Landholder limited liability, really?

Letter: Landowner liabilities?

Listing the airstrip as private use only, prior permission required for landing might be more useful than not listing it all.Continue readingLetter: Landowner liabilities?