Planning for Airpark

Thanks for sending a sample of your newsletter. As a followup, I have spoken with Paul McKinley in Texas and he answered many of my questions.

As I mentioned, we are in the process of organizing this airpark in Orange County, California before Lake Elsinore and San Juan Capistrano. In addition to the Form 7480 filed with the FAA, we are required to obtain special use permits, one from the county and the other from CalTrans, Department of Airports in Sacramento.

Our airstrip has existed for over 30 years and approval looks good. We have about 203 areas and anticipate about 30 – 4-acre building sites.

However, our rectangular site has a 500 foot elevation from top to bottom and I’, wondering if anyone else has encountered this type layout.

I will keep you updated with our progress for the interest of your members.


Jim Billings PO Box 23387 San Diego, CA 92193-3387

Thanks for the update. We will look forward to additional reports from you.

As to the 500-foot elevation differential, Anglemont Estates in Anglemont, British Columbia had a runway on its property for many years and the rise from the runway end at the edge of the lake to the other end was more than 500 feet. Unfortunately the airport was closed down after a number of years of safe operation.

There are a number of others around the country I am sure. Can anyone provide additional names and locations?