Question: How about a 2nd airpark home … in Canada

We received the following email regarding multiple airpark homes. My answer is below.

Questions: Could you please, help me with:

  1. Do you think that Americans already living in a Fly-In Community could be interested, as a secondary home, to buy one in Canada?
  2. How popular is it to have a home in more than one Fly-In Community? Is that the exception?
  3. How would you promote a new Fly-In Community?

Answer: Thanks for inquiring about secondary fly-in homes in Canada.

There is a certain number of Americans who live in residential airparks and other pilots who don’t live in airparks who probably would be interested and financially able to acquire a second home in Canada, particularly on an airpark. I think the primary group of interested pilots are ones who enjoy fishing and hunting and could find a place on or near a lake or other somewhat remote area where they could enjoy their sporting activities.

I think the idea of having a second home in a fly-in community is very popular, but I don’t think there is a large segment of the aviation community that currently enjoys such a lifestyle. In other words, I think it is the exception.

Finally, promoting a new fly-in community is relatively easy. We constantly print stories about such projects and our advertising section lists numerous fly-in communities.