Helicopter ops allowed?

Helicopters are cool. Are they allowed at your airpark?Continue readingHelicopter ops allowed?

Letter: Looking for affordable runway lighting

We hope there are other small airport experiences of developing airport/runway lighting and approach path indicators that may guide us in a more affordable plan.Continue readingLetter: Looking for affordable runway lighting

Anyone know of a condo configuration?

Rather than building a home on a lot, Ra is interested in buying a condo unit in a larger complex.Continue readingAnyone know of a condo configuration?

Question: Landholder limited liability, really?

Idaho has enacted a statute Recreational Trespass – Landholder Liability Limited.Continue readingQuestion: Landholder limited liability, really?

Looking for hangar interior ideas

Ken Hewson sent us the following note wondering how to finish the interior of his new hangar next to his home.Continue readingLooking for hangar interior ideas

Question: Looking for knowledgeable lender

Do you have a packet and/or links to information for bank officials who are familiar with fly-in communities?Continue readingQuestion: Looking for knowledgeable lender

Three questions from Texas reader

Topics are protecting airspace, runway maintenance and management insight.Continue readingThree questions from Texas reader

Question: Landing rights not attached to airpark parcels

Unlike other airparks, landing rights were attached only to some lots. We currently have 4 landing rights which are not attached to a certain property and we are trying to determine their value.Continue readingQuestion: Landing rights not attached to airpark parcels

Specific TTF input needed immediately

Ok! All you folks now living on a residential airpark, interested in doing so or just want to make sure the right to have homes on airparks remains valid – please read the following carefully and send me your responses as soon as possible.Continue readingSpecific TTF input needed immediately

Question: More information on floorplans

I am inquiring about floor plans. I need to blow up the thumbnails to get a better view and also need the prices and what is included with the plans. Any help? Thanks.Continue readingQuestion: More information on floorplans

Question: What about state funds?

Been following through the fence issue. For now this does not appear to apply to privately owned, public access airports. Mid Valley Airpark (E98), NM has been open to public for 40 years. However, should we in any way shape or form accept state money, I can see we may get in a bind.Continue readingQuestion: What about state funds?

Question: HOA attorney recommendation?

Can you recommend an attorney to help us form an Airport HOA in the Knoxville, TN area?Continue readingQuestion: HOA attorney recommendation?

Question: Any lenders specializing in airpark property?

Are there any lenders that understand lending or specialize in lending to purchase an airpark property?Continue readingQuestion: Any lenders specializing in airpark property?

Question: How about a 2nd airpark home … in Canada

Do you think that Americans already living in a Fly-In Community could be interested, as a secondary home, to buy one in Canada?Continue readingQuestion: How about a 2nd airpark home … in Canada

Letter: Need some help with COMPS

I live on a modest little airport community 18 mi. north of Tampa FL. called Tampa North Aeropark (X39). Before this Sub-Prime Mortgage Fiasco hit the fan the market value of my 4 bedroom 3 full-bath country-style hangar home was approximately $440,000. Now I can’t get an appraisal up over $250,000. Continue readingLetter: Need some help with COMPS