Residential airpark plan tabled

From the North Platte, Nebraska Telegraph:

A proposal for a residential airpark south of Riverdale drew opposition from about 20 neighbors before it was tabled Thursday night.

The Buffalo County Planning and Zoning Commission tabled a request from Mark Meyer and Onion Crest LLC for a special-use permit that would allow 16 additional hangars with residences at an existing private airstrip near Cottonmill Avenue and 85th Street about two miles south of Riverdale.

Commissioner Ken Erickson moved to table the permit because he wanted a better understanding of how the subdivision regulations passed by the Buffalo County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday will affect the proposal.

The commission and county board denied a similar request in November.

Several neighbors who spoke at the meeting Thursday said the project would damage the quality of life in the area because of the added noise and traffic.

“Those planes come right over our house. We moved here six months ago with our dream of living out in the nice, quiet country,” said Kathy Ulrich, who lives about 1/4 mile east of Cottonmill Road.

Richard Miller, an aviation consultant for Cartell Inc. of Huston, Idaho, spoke on Meyer’s behalf.

“Living with your airplane is a lifestyle desired by many pilots in the U.S.,” he said. “It’s a residential aviation community based around a runway, public or private, much like a golf course community is around a golf course.”

The estimated value of the project is $8 million. Miller said buyers of the lots could choose to either build a hangar or a hanger with an attached, single-family home.