Runway lighting controller on the fritz

The Fly-By-Night switch that permits radio control of our runway lights has gone on the fritz. Unfortunately, it’s an older unit, a BB-7, built by Subil Enterprises, which is now out of business. The new company has no association with the original.

Does anyone have a schematic or other manual for this system that they will loan us? Does anyone have any experience with this system and can help us get back into operation?

Please contact:
Gus Hertz
Mallards Landing
(cell) 404-936-0250

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Ramsey Electronics (800-446-2295) sells a digital base station receiver plus the runway lighting controller add-on, including interface, case, and power supply.

$200 for the radio as a kit, $270 assembled, $60 for the lighting controller as a kit, $100 assembled.

If you can solder SMALL electronic parts, you can save $100 or so – if not, $370 gets you up and running with modern equipment.

No affilliation by the way.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman

I just called them and the lady who is working there for 20 years does not know nothing about that!!!



Just saw your 10/26 note about the lady at Ramsey who know nothing about the controller – tell her to go look in her catalog, that’s where I got the information!!!!

Page 42, item #s AR2WT and AR2LWT

Best Regards,

Mike Arman

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