Stopping speeding cars

Do you have any problems with cars speeding down a taxiway at your airpark?

We recently heard from an individual who said their airpark had troubles with people taking their cars down their combined auto-plane taxiways at speeds much higher than appears safe.

He said after talking with the individuals who persist in the activity, the airpark association agreed to install minimal speed bumps as a means of slowing the cars. This apparently has helped some, but airplane pilots object even though they are shallow enough not to bother even a Mooney.

The taxiway is designed for use by both planes and road vehicles and can be accessed by those with homes or just a hangar, the airpark spokesman explained.

Jawboning with the individuals guilty of the infractions hasn’t done much good and the CC&Rs don’t address this particular problem, he added.

Has anyone else had this particular problem and dealt with it? How did you resolve the problem? If you’ve got some ideas to help this airpark, please write (PO Box 39099, Lakewood, WA 98496) or call (253-471-9888) or send us an e-mail.

Your solution or comments can be of great help to others who have this same problem.