Class E Airspace coming to Falmouth, MA

Controlled airspace is necessary for IFR operations in the area.

Is your airpark data up-to-date?

Don’t delay. Make sure your airpark data is up-to-date in the FAA database.

New road signage at Horseshoe Bay

The reports that, “Air Park Street in Horseshoe Bay is a taxiway for planes, but because it is not properly marked, cars have been using it, too. That will change now that the Horseshoe Bay City Council voted to put up proper signage and build a $6,000 gate blocking Stall Out Street where it…

Solar project near airpark raises concerns

“This just isn’t what we want in our backyard.”

Who’s responsible for damage to plane?

Who should pay for the damage to my Mooney? Me or the homeowner? The homeowner says it’s the pilot’s responsibility to see and avoid all obstacles as stated in the FARs.

Spring’s coming … airparks need work!

Far too often maintenance and normal upkeep is put on the back burner during the winter months. That’s especially true in areas where the property gets buried in snow or other inclement weather. With that time situation, flying is often down and the net result is that problems with the runway and taxiway are missed.

Three hurt when plane and car collide at fly-in community

The driver of the vehicle, a woman, 33, was crossing a runway when she collided with a single-passenger plane that was preparing to take off, Sgt. Tom Akeroyd said. The 54-year-old pilot and the woman were airlifted to University Hospital.

Airpark uses flashing pilot controller to activate flashing light on joint use taxiway

One airpark has developed a warning light system so operators of cars will know when an aircraft is on the taxiway.

Fatal Accident

What’s the safety record for residential airparks? That’s a frequent question I’m asked at forums and in other conversations.

Airpark Security Self Certification

It is a good idea to have an Airpark Security Plan. Even if it is a self-certified plan, it shows airpark attorneys, insurance agents, area law enforcement, and government officials your airpark takes security seriously. Following is a starting point to put such a plan in place.

Residential Airpark Security

A residential airpark is a wonderful place to live, bring up a family and enjoy the convenience of living with your airplane, whether that is for business or pleasure.

Accidents at your airpark?

Has your airpark suffered any accidents or incidents? These situations can be minor ones – scraping a wing tip against a bush or fence. Or, it can be a major issue like a loss of engine on takeoff resulting in a crash and fatalities. Or, perhaps anything in between.

Joint use of Roads & Runways

Development of a residential airpark usually requires some compromises between what is the ultimate in perfection and what can be accomplished financially and physically.

Low Passes Precautionary

Since we have three runways, it is sometimes necessary to check all three to ensure the right choice is being made. (Yes, very much tongue in cheek.)

Flybys a Continuing Issue

I noted with interest your comments on flybys in the current issue.