Telegraph story highlights higher end of airpark lifestyle

A few weeks ago Precious Adesina from The Telegraph of London interviewed me for an upcoming feature on the lifestyle of high-end airparks.

While I grew up on an airpark, I don’t think anyone would classify Shady Acres as high-end. But I have wonderful memories all the same.

We had a nice conversation over Zoom. Precious asked insightful questions and was fun to speak with. Earlier today she emailed me a PDF of the story, as promised.

You can see the online version here, but is behind a paywall (sorry). I wish I could share the PDF.

Overall, she did a nice job. My only gripe is a few paragraphs at the story’s close taking a swipe at the environmental footprint of aviation. We never discussed the topic. But I wasn’t the only person she interviewed either.

From the story, “But, according to a study published by Common Wealth Think Tank, private jet passengers create ten times as much greenhouse gas as an economy class traveller on a commercial flight, as well as 150 times more than those travelling by train. Royals have been criticised about their regular use of private jets — but where do airpark residents stand?”

Can’t win ’em all.