Telford Skypark, England, failed to develop

Several years ago we received information about an airpark in England – Telford Skypark in Telford – but have never been able to obtain any updates on the project. Now, Judith Woodsworth is travelling in Europe studying European Rural Development and plans a “dissertation on the benefits, or not, of Airparks/ Aviator Villages to the sustainable development of a rural area.”

She agreed to check up on some of the airparks we shared with her and recently she sent us the following information about Telford:

“The AirPark at Telford never got off the ground. It was subject to a public enquiry and planning was denied even though every residential plot was spoken for and the industrial units too. Funnily one of the Directors is now my flight instructor – she’s excellent. Just passed my Air Law and hopefully 1st solo soon.”