Question: Landing rights not attached to airpark parcels

We received the following email from David Blackwell.

My family developed a property in Western NC known as Tusquittee Landing. It has a 1/2 mile grass landing strip. Unlike other airparks, landing rights were attached only to some lots. We currently have 4 landing rights which are not attached to a certain property and we are trying to determine their value. Can you provide us with any information that might help?

My response:

Mr. Blackwell, I don’t have a direct answer for you but hopefully some of our readers can provide some information of value. As you are aware, yours is an unusual arrangement; ie., most airparks have usage assigned directly to lots not unattached landing rights. Have any lots been sold without landing rights recently compared with some landing rights? The difference would be the value, in my thinking. Unfortunately, there are so many variables involved that this becomes art, rather than science. Anyone have any good ideas?

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They are worth whatever someone is willing to pay. He might consider an auction for one right, set a minimum bid and see what happens.

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