Texas airpark wins appeal in court battle

The Dallas Morning News recently reported that Collin County-based Air Park Estates, at Air Park-Dallas Airport (F69) shut down an attempt to turn the airpark over to a real estate developer. From the story:

“Justice Michael O’Neil, writing for a unanimous three-judge panel, ruled Wednesday that Carrollton city officials, with the help of [Henry] Billingsley and his business associates, passed an unconstitutional ordinance in 2008 in an elaborate attempt to improperly evict homeowners of Air Park Estates in order to develop the land.”

Billingsley, over several years, bought up Air Park Estates property as they came up for sale, and once he owned the majority, conspired with city officials “improperly evict homeowners.”

“The community, developed in a once extremely rural part of Collin County, now is in the middle of one of the fastest-growing high-income neighborhoods in North Texas.”

What airport today doesn’t face this challenge?

The case is expected to be appealed to the Texas Supreme Court, but this particular battle goes to Air Park Estates.

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