Through The Fence Freedom of Information Act Responses

By Brent Blue,

The FAA has consistently justified most of their opposition to “through the fence” residential hangars as being related to noise complaints. They have frequently stated that the FAA has spent $1.8 billion to buy land to mitigate noise sensitive neighbors. However, the FAA has never delineated residential hangars from residences which have no airport connection.

In order to find out exactly how much of a problem noise has been for the FAA from hangar home residents, asked to FAA, through the Freedom of Information Act, for two items related to noise.

One was to produce all the noise complaints from anyone with a “through the fence” agreement (residential, commercial, factory, etc) and a second request for how much money has been spent to buy land to mitigate noise sensitive “through the fence” agreement holders.

The results are staggering! During the past 10 years, the FAA does not have one documented noise complaint from anyone with a “through the fence” agreement. What is more interesting, the FAA can not document one dollar being spent to buy adjacent airport land to mitigate noise issues from “through the fence” agreement holders.

Thus, it is very clear that the noise argument from the FAA is nothing more than “smoke and mirrors”.

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this doesnt surprise me, the government keeps trodding on peoples rights in the name of do goodery. another name for communism.

I have to wonder, how many lives does this organization, (FAA) have to ruin before our representatives actually represent us? I’ve written several of my representatives asking for their help with this TTF problem. They have passed on my letters to the FAA only to get back their, the FAA’s new compliance policy which Is then forwarded to me saying, I hope this helps. If you want to see the kind of individuals who are running these offices. Just go to YouTube and put in FAA party. Keep in mind, these are not the people that are doing the work out there, these are the bosses. Fun Crowd

Wow! Sounds like one of those dubious studies of social behavior that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to tell us something we already know (like teenage boys are attracted to teenage girls; we don’t need a big dollar study there, do we?).

Seriously, this revelation is not at all surprising. Sunlight is the best disinfectant, and we need to keep shining the light of day on these crazy FAA proposals. For Jerry, I would suggest sharing the details of this FoIA request with your representatives as a follow up. Let them know that their reasoning is all fouled up and that they should stand up for the local citizens of their district against the FAA’s land grab.

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