Through the fence

Bill Cheek of Prescott, Arizona is working on a “through the fence” arrangement on a public airpark and is interested in obtaining information from anyone who has information about taxiing across a public road or highway.

He specifically asks “are there any airparks which provide access to a taxiway or airstrip for taxiing aircraft across a public road or highway that anyone knows about?

“If so, what type of traffic controls are used for the aircraft and the automobile traffic?

“Please share any information you have with Bill Cheek, 1250 O’Neal Road, Prescott, AZ 86301, phone 520-776-8745.”

If you have any such information, please send a copy of the information to LWYPA so we can share it with others.

We do know of one such situation although it involves a private airpark, not a public airport. That one is Shady Acres Airpark just outside of Tacoma, Wash. and we lived on this airpark for more than 20 years.

The north-south runway ends at the east-west street. Across the street are taxiways to additional homesites which are part of the airpark. The runway is lined with homesites, too.

There is a 200-foot displaced threshold on the runway to keep airplanes higher over the street. The only traffic control comes from a pair of signs on the street which say “Caution – Aircraft Crossing.”

While school buses, cars and trucks frequently use this street, there has never been an incident between a plane and a vehicle.