Troy Airpark complete runway rebuild

The Troy Airpark residential airpark in Troy, MO, just completed a rebuild of its runway. It is now 2,200 feet long and 25 feet wide with a parallel 50-foot turf strip immediately north of the asphalt.

Frank Baldwin, airpark spokesman, said the paving was accomplished using a Terex TR-4503 road trimmer. This machine sets the exact depth of the base excavation. It took over 200 loads of base material for the 8-inches of fill. The net result is a new paved runway with a proper slope for correct drainage. Using the same Terex, the parallel turf runway was also leveled and smoothed, lights have been relocated wider so a trainer glider can be operated safely. The turf runway was planted in September with fescue grass (variety, Kentucky 31) and it was X’d off until Spring.

Located on 125-acre site, the airpark has 35 homesites and boasts a dozen homes already, with two more scheduled next year. Baldwin noted that there are 18 hangars on site with homes expected to follow in the future. The airpark was opened in 1996.