YouTube clips explains thru-the-fence impact

Jerry and Barbara Norcia have posted a short video explaining why they built their home next to Creswell Airport in Oregon.

They access the airport via a through-the-fence agreement the FAA now wants eliminated. Please take a few moments to watch and share.

2 replies on “YouTube clips explains thru-the-fence impact”

Great video and great explanation of the issue. We’re facing this in Christmas Valley, OR ( The FAA has NO citations to back this up. When we questioned them we received a letter sent to an airport in Batavia, Ohio, and a 2005 document about “assurances.” No rules…no regulation…just what the FAA wants.

Can you imagine the outcry if the DOT refused to let the owners of RV’s and Camper Parks access Federally Funded Highways because they were an “incompatible use”? Or how would it be if? Marinas were denied access to lakes formed by Federally Funded dams.

Let’s take it a step further and ban access to any federally funded highway by truck stops and service stations – citing noise and pollution as the issue. And for fun, let’s do it all without any legislation! That’s the FAA way!

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