Accidents at your airpark?

Has your airpark suffered any accidents or incidents? These situations can be minor ones – scraping a wing tip against a bush or fence. Or, it can be a major issue like a loss of engine on takeoff resulting in a crash and fatalities. Or, perhaps anything in between.

A Living With Your Plane subscriber suggests that the airpark on which he lives has had far too many mishaps.

He explains that FAA officials with whom he has spoken complain that accidents often don’t get reported from private airparks because there’s no one “official” to see and report a mishap.

Does your airpark have a safety officer?

Do you track accidents and incidents (as recognized by the FAA)?

How is your safety record?

How many accidents (a situation in which there was material property damage or personal injury) have occurred at your airpark in the last few years?

Have you had any incidents in which damage was minor?

Have aircraft from your airpark made emergency off-airport landings?

To allow everyone to have input without concern about being identified, send your responses to us by email. We’ll eliminate the personal identification but track the situation by state and size of airpark.

Of course, if you don’t mind being identified, let us know and we’ll print your comments with your name and airpark address.