More on joint use by planes and cars

Here are a couple of inputs relating to the joint use of roads by cars and airplanes. The first information comes from Meadow Creek Airpark in Monee, Illinois and the second one was submitted by a resident of Hidden Lake Airport in New Port Richey, Florida.

I am an aircraft owner resident of Meadow Creek Airpark in Monee, Illinois (2IL9).

Meadow Creek is a Planned Urban Development airpark with two gated entrances. It has been in existence a little over 15 years.

We use our streets as taxiways. The Homeowners Association owns the streets which are “undedicated,” meaning no help from the County with paving, maintenance, plowing, etc. We have a 3,400 foot paved, lighted, 22/04 runway in the middle of the subdivision. We have signage at both entrances regarding taxiways and aircraft use as well as private speed limit signs through out the subdivision.

We have only one home with direct access to the runway. In the early years the Board determined that multiple homeowner direct runway access would increase the possibility of runway incursions and direct acess was prohibited. We have six runway/taxiway access points. They are all clearly marked prohibiting all traffic except aircraft.

We have had rare problems with workmen and visitors driving on or across the runway.

We are not fenced but have an eight foot berm landscaped with trees and shrubs blocking access from the County road. There are 140 lots and many aviation homeowners own adjacent, vacant lots.Our lots are fully improved with City water and sewer as well as underground utilities. We conduct semi-annual safety meetings for ALL homeowners with emphasis on taxiway/road use. We have not had any accidents.

Our lots are all one acre or larger and, unfortunately, being sold at  prices below market prices of neighboring PUDS. Currently about 50% of the Community has non aviation interests. The ratio has adversely changed in the last two years.

We appreciate your past input on similar airparks and look forward to more fine articles.

Dean Del Bene
Meadow Creek Airpark in Monee, Illinois

Here at Hidden Lake Airport in New Port Richey, FL., the airport actually owns the taxiways and has granted our residents a deeded access to use them as streets. The airport owns a 50-foot-wide parcel centered on each of our streets.

We have very few problems except for the occasional vehicle that parks on the shoulder rther than pulling into a driveway. This despite signs at the entrance gate. Virtually everyone will move a vehicle when they see an airplane coming. Drivers are usually quick to pull into driveways and let the airplanes go by.

Of course, Monday and Thursday are garbage collection days and we usually have to make a garbage-can run to ensure they are far enough back!

Ed Ungar
Hidden Lake Airport
New Port Richey, Florida

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i would like to know if anyone can assist me. my wife and i would like to purchase some land in north snohomish county, away from any developments, and use it to fly our challenger 2place plane off of. would anyone know what i need to do so that we can do that?


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