Airpark Wish List [Preliminary Results]

One-two acres is the preferred lot size.

We kicked on 2016 with an Airpark Wish List survey. The idea was to ask what amenities people are most interested in. So far, we’ve received 105 responses.

To make more sense of the data we first asked respondents if they were looking for an airpark home (56.2%), already lived on an airpark (34.3%), we’re planning to develop an airpark (6.7%) or had already developed an airpark (2.9%).

Perspective of Airpark Wish List Respondents

Perspective Airpark Wish List Survey

To start, I’m going to present data from the perspective of those looking for an airpark to call home.

Preferred Lot Size

Preferred Lot Size Airpark Wish List Survey

Should an airpark restrict the style/size of homes an owner can build?

Style/Size Restrictions Airpark Wish List Survey

Preferred homeowner’s association type

Preferred Homeowner's Association Airpark Wish List Survey

Desired Location

Desired Location Airpark Wish List Survey

Buy or Build Home

Buy Build Airpark Wish List Survey

Ideal airpark size [number of lots]

Number of Lots Airpark Wish List Survey

Amount Willing to Pay Monthly

Willingness to Pay Airpark Wish List Survey

Preferred runway surface

Preferred Runway Surface Airpark Wish List Survey

Preferred runway length

Preferred Runway Length Airpark Wish List Survey

Preferred runway lighting

Preferred Runway Lighting Airpark Wish List Survey

This is just a start. More Airpark Wish List survey data will be presented over the next several weeks to present additional results.

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  1. Very helpful information. We’re starting development of an aviation community in West Texas. Thanks for sharing.

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