Airpark Wish List [Survey]

What makes a perfect airpark... for you.

Finding (or developing) the right airpark – like most things in life – is about trade-offs. Some people like large lots with large homes, hangars and all the bells and whistles. Others have more modest desires.

Whether you are in the market for an airpark home, are already living the dream, looking to develop a new airpark or have already completed the heavy lifting, we’d like to hear your thoughts.

This anonymous survey (with 28 questions) covers real estate, community, airport and money. Thank you – in advance – for your time and insight. Click here to start.


  1. Joël

    I own a airport with a few hangers and am planning on developing it into an air park kokh

  2. Tristano Caracciolo

    Dear Sirs
    Do you have an article or information on how to title the runway to a LLC instead of the HOA
    In order to shield the homeowners from liability in case of an accident ?
    Best regards
    Tristano Caracciolo 775 772-0027

  3. Ben Sclair

    Tristano… I’d suggest connecting with a real estate attorney for an answer to that question.

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  5. Ben,

    Would you please give the data set parameters? Meaning: what size group was surveyed, what part of the country, etc.

  6. Ben Sclair

    Hello Gregg. The survey was simply posted – and promoted – to the Living With Your Plane website. We host a few thousand website visitors each month, and it was to those people the survey was marketed to. Hope that answers your query.

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