Airparks info: Georgia

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Georgia counts 27 airparks with three of them currently in planning or under construction. The earliest state facility, Pinewood Airpark, opened in 1967 at Douglasville, GA.

Virtually all of those under construction report their lots will be less than an acre while only one established airpark says its lots are less then an acre. There are 24 fly-in communities in the LWYP database reporting residential lots of an acre or more.

Heaven’s Landing at Clayton, opened in 2002 has the distinction of having the largest number of residential lots on a Georgia airpark – 300. Only one other airpark in the state lays claim to more than 150 lots. Most airparks report less then 20 lots – 11 of them while five each report between 21 and 35 and 36 to 50. There are three state airparks with between 51 and 100 lots each.

Runways are predominately paved. With 25 airparks showing the surface of their runways, 18 indicate they are unpaved while seven have paving. Heaven’s Landing’s paved runway is 5,069 feet, which is the longest in the state. One other airpark has a 4,500 foot paved strip. Five fly-in communities claim runways 2000 feet or less and six others report strips over 3,000 feet. The majority, 15 of them, are between 2100 and 3000 feet long, according to the LWYP database.

Following airparks and city reported as open:

  • Aiken Field, Pendergrass
  • Ayresouth Fly-in Community, Temple
  • Berry Hill – Kitty Hawk sub-division, Stockbridge
  • Blue Mountain Airpark, Trion
  • Broad River Airpark, Lavonia
  • Brook Bridge Aerodrome, Griffin
  • Cedar Ridge, Griffin
  • Eagle Neck, Townsend
  • Eagles Landing, Williamson
  • Flying N Estates, Luthersville
  • Gentle Landings, Roberta
  • Heaven’s Landing, Clayton
  • Jim’s Private Airpark, Conyers
  • Kenley Park, Brooks
  • Kenwood, Newborn
  • Lenora Airport, Snellville
  • Little Tobesofkee Creek Ranch, Barnesville
  • Lyons Landing, Whitesburg
  • Mallard’s Landing, Locust Grove
  • Mathis Airport, Cumming
  • Peach State Airpark, Williamson
  • Plane Living Skypark, Fort Valley
  • Spring Valley Farm, Loganville
  • Whispering Pines Airpark, Conyers
  • Following airparks and city are in planning or construction:
  • Berg Park Aerodrome, Midway
  • Hunter Aviation estates, Waynesville
  • Spanish Creek, Folkston

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