Arizona, Wisonsin projects

More and more people in the last year or so seem to be discovering the advantages of living on a residential airpark.

Perhaps the costs for hangars and tiedowns on public facilities has continued its upward spiral and available facilities at first-class airports is getting harder to find.

Possibly more pilots and airplane owners are learning of this style of living and introducing their families to airparks and thus more people are becoming excited about the projects.

Of course, we like to think that our programs at the EAA events in Oshkosh, Lakeland, Florida and Arlington, Wash. and the annual AOPA Expo have a lot to do with that growth, too.

Whatever the cause, the facts remain that interest in moving onto residential airparks is continuing to grow and the number of new airparks being developed continues its upward spiral.

One of the newest ones to send us information is Stellar Airpark Estates on Stellar Airport at Chandler, Arizona. According to Jeffrey Mark, a pilot and developer of the project, 65 homesites on five taxiways are primary features. Each taxiway will allow access to the 4,000 foot runway. For security, each taxiway will have an electronically-controlled gate.

Chandler is about a 20-minute drive from downtown Phoenix and Scottsdale. Sky Harbor Airport is 15 minutes away.

Mark said there are 44 one half to one acre custom lots designed so each can have a hangar at the back opening onto a taxiway. Strict CC&Rs and architectural design guidelines ensure that home styles remain consistent with the site plan.

Lots are priced from $155,000 and homes, which will range from 2,000 square feet up, will sell from $280,000.

For complete details, contact Stellar Airpark Estates at 602-994-4663.

Another project that has been in the works for a couple years is at Wittman Air Field in Oshkosh. Bill Brennand has developed plans for a residential airpark where the late Steve Wittman lived. The site is opposite the EAA facilities generally in the southeast portion of the airport.

Opposition to the project has come from local governmental entities and the State of Wisconsin.