Lots of questions in buying / living on airport

If you are considering buying a house or lot on a residential airport, or even if you already are associated with such a project, there are several issues that are somewhat different than the ones associated with a regular housing development.

One member of our association compiled a list of questions that he feels should be answered satisfactorily before making any residential airport purchase. They are equally pertinent for existing residents.

These questions include:

  1. Runway and taxiway use rights:
    1. How many others will have the same privileges?
    2. Are the rights spelled out in the by-laws?
    3. Are they irrevocable? Can they be changed by the association members or developer?
    4. What type arrangements assure you of runway access?
    5. What conditions are associated with runway use?
    6. Are these conditions and privileges included on your policy provide you? title insurance policy?
  2. Common Use Space:
    1. Do you have full use of all common space?
    2. In what manner is use of the common space guaranteed, ie, part of the deed, covenants, etc?
    3. For how long are the common areas guaranteed to remain in such use?
    4. In whose name is the common area property listed? The developer? Homeowners association?
    5. In what manner is the common area property held, ie, warranty deed, leasehold, etc?
  3. Property Maintenance
    1. Who is responsible to determine what maintenance of runway, taxiways and other common area properties is needed and arrange for the work?
    2. How is such maintenance funded?
    3. If maintenance fund requires regular fees or specia-1 assessments, who determines the amount?
    4. How are assessments or dues for maintenance enforceable?
    5. Do non-residents of the airport community have access to the common areas and how does that effect you?
    6. Are there standards in the state for public use airports and if so does this facility meet them?
  4. Public Liability
    1. How is compensation for injuries which occur on common areas handled?
    2. Is there liability insurance? What are its coverages and how do they affect you?
    3. How are the coverage limits determined and can they be changed?
    4. What coverages will your personal homeowners
  5. Homeowners Association
    1. Is there a homeowners association?
    2. Are all property owners and the developer required to join and pay appropriate fees?
    3. How is the association controlled?
    4. Does your state regulate homeowners associations?
    5. What are the rights, duties and responsibilities of the association?
  6. Development properties
    1. Were all parts of the development brought into the project at the same time and are restrictive covenants identical for all parcels?
    2. Can additional lots other than those already shown on a plat be added to the project?