Board sides with city on land-use issue

The Scappoose (Oregon) City Council received good news to start the year.

The Port of St. Helens, which operates the Scappoose Airport, filed an appeal with the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) to a city council vote that would allow a mixed-use airport zone.

From a story in The South County Spotlight:

Concerned that a residential airpark would disturb its contract with the FAA, which frowns on such developments near airports the size of Scappoose’s, the Port of St. Helens fought the city’s decision, appealing it to LUBA last July.

In response to the Port’s concerns, LUBA responded:

In a final order released last week on New Year’s Eve, LUBA said the Port of St. Helens’ arguments against Scappoose’s decision to add a mixed-use airport zone to its battery of land-use tools was unfounded.

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