AIN: “FAA Outlines Residential Through-the-fence Policy”

FAA has issued a final policy statement that permits general aviation airports to enter into residential through-the-fence (RTTF) agreements…

FAA extends rTTF comment period

The comment period on the FAA’s “Policy Regarding Access to Airports from Residential Property” (rTTF) has been extended to September 14, 2012.

Residential Through The Fence Protection in FAA Reauthorization Bill

Sam Graves (R-MO) led the charge for Residential Through The Fence access in the FAA funding bill.

Can’t see the forest for the trees

General Aviation News blogger Jamie Beckett (Politics for Pilots) points out we still have some work to do as he relates sitting through a recent webinar. The moderator, near the end of the session, makes it known that he feels airports and residential development are incompatible. Not so. Stay tuned.

Word is spreading on TTF changes

The Oregon Statesman Journal reported on Sunday the FAA is “is proposing a rule that would be welcome in Independence Airpark.”

Specific TTF input needed immediately

Ok! All you folks now living on a residential airpark, interested in doing so or just want to make sure the right to have homes on airparks remains valid – please read the following carefully and send me your responses as soon as possible.

AOPA Online: Flexibility needed for through-the-fence access

The AOPA, in a letter dated December 18, has asked the FAA for more flexibility in its “proposed ‘one size fits all’ approach to airparks and other residential through-the-fence (TTF) operations at public-use airports”.

Our opposition to the FAAs Compliance Guidance Letter

The FAA has issued a memorandum relating to “Compliance Guidance Letter (CGL) 2009-1-Through-the-Fence and On-Airport Residential Access To Federally Obligated Airports”. Our opposition to the CGL and memorandum are based on a number of points.

NATA finds FAA inconsistencies

Not surprisingly, NATA found a large number of respondents experienced inconsistent application of the FARs from “Regional, Aircraft Certification (ACOs) and Flight Standards District Offices (FSDOs)”.

Our thoughts on FAA’s TTF position

One of the major points she makes is that “over the years, FAA has issued grants totaling $1.8 billion to buy land and homes, relocate residents, and mitigate the impacts of aircraft noise with soundproofing.” I don’t doubt for one minute that FAA has spent nearly $2 billion in such efforts over the last 20 years or so.

Through The Fence temporary defeat

The City of Driggs signed a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) with the FAA in order to receive $7 million for widening and resurfacing all the runways and taxiways at the Driggs Airport (KIDJ). Prior to the agreement, eight hangar and hangar home owners received an injunction against the City to enjoin them from “affecting the interest in real property.”

Board sides with city on land-use issue

The Port of St. Helens, which operates the Scappoose Airport, filed an appeal with the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) to a city council vote that would allow a mixed-use airport zone.

Old agreement causing headaches in Boulder

He wants to build a home and 2,000-square-foot hangar that will make for quick access to the airport. Nothing more, nothing less.