Featured Airpark – Leisureland

Bremerton, Washington – The Puget Sound area of Washington State is one of this country’s most beautiful areas in which to live and it has a climate that is extremely pleasant. (Don’t believe all the stories about it raining in the Pacific Northwest all the time. There are a lot of overcast days, but not all that terribly much rain. And, even with the overcast there are usually good ceilings.)

While most everyone knows about Seattle and Tacoma and Bellingham, Washington, there are other cities in the state and in Western Washington. The areas in the southwestern parts of Puget Sound are much more sparsely populated, the views are fantastic, the air is clear and the costs for land and homes are much lower than many other areas.

In the midst of this type area is Leisureland Airpark near Bremerton, Washington.

Bremerton is the home to a US Navy shipyard, it’s just across the Sound from Seattle and Tacoma and you can reach it by crossing the Tacoma Narrows bridge and driving a half hour or by ferry boat from Seattle. There is also a very nice all weather airport called Bremerton National.

Nearby Leisureland Airport is carved out of an area of tall evergreen trees and is adjacent to Wildcat Lake. The runway is 2,400 foot hard turf and has lights and VASI. All utilities are underground, protective covenants have been written and filed, there is a security entrance to the property and mountain views are free.

The site, while feeling extremely remote and giving you the chance to unwind in the serenity of nature, is only 10 minutes to major shopping areas, business and medical centers in Bremerton and Silverdale, Wash.

Each lot is about 2.5 acres or more and prices start at $70,000. There are seven runway lots.

Owned by Verl Long, he acquired it from the previous owner who had problems getting development approval from Kitsap County. Long’s agreement calls for only the seven runway lots to have homes with hangars, a condition that the county hopes will keep the property from attracting too many planes. The other lots can have homes only.

Development restrictions call for homes with at least 1,800 square feet and 1,700 square feet in the hangars.