Fire district insists airpark provide fire truck

Here’s a situation that is scary for most residential airparks.

Dr. Richard A. Landy, managing member of Brush Creek Airport which is developing Crested Butte Airpark in Colorado, has run into a situation in which the local fire district is insisting that he provide firefighting equipment at the airstrip.

Despite word from the FAA that no such equipment is required by them and assurances from Living With Your Plane that no other residential airpark has been required to provide such equipment for a private facility, the fire district continued to insist on the equipment.

Dr. Landy, in order to move ahead with his project, proposed to the district that he would provide, at no cost to the fire district, a site on the airpark for a fire station. Additionally, he would acquire a used fire truck suitable for an airport operation and give it to the fire district.

The fire district would be responsible for building a fire station and maintaining the equipment, in Dr. Landy’s proposal.

Has any other residential airpark been subjected to such requirements? Please give us any information you have relative to such situations.